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Mission accomplished!

We did it! In a little over a week we were able to raise $845 a month in pledges which will enable Grandma Grace to stay in a private room!

Thanks to all for your prayers and support. You are ALL heroes and champions!

We will leave the website up and the PayPal Account is ongoing so if anyone still wants to make a pledge all additional money will be used to cover her other daily expenses or accrued in the account to help cover her eventual final needs.

If you haven’t pledged yet, you still can!


Help Grandma Grace

Welcome. For most of her 101 years Grandma Grace has tirelessly cared for her family and friends and been as fiercely independent as her circumstances would allow. Now she needs our help.

Grace Ettinger

No doubt you are here because you are concerned for Grandma Grace’s care and well being. For most of her 101 years she has been tireless in the care and cultivation of her family. She has faithfully attended nearly every major family event and has been a huge presence and great influence in all of our lives. Her constant prayers, steadfast faith and sage wisdom have seen us all through tough times, and her life is a shining example for all to follow. She has always been as fiercely independent and hard working as her strength and resources would allow. She is our family treasure, a living history book to whom we owe so much. God has blessed us with her for so many years. Now she needs our help and we are privileged to have the opportunity to help make sure that her remaining time on earth is as warm and comfortable as one of her hand made quilts. As we all know, she would NEVER ask for this, but she needs us all to join together to help make ends meet. She told her nurses recently that God has always seen to her needs and she has no reason to expect anything otherwise. God blessed her with family, and it is up to us to be her answer to prayer.

Here is her situation:

Grandma Grace can no longer walk and is on full time oxygen. She is living in a private room at Katherine’s Place, a very nice retirement center in Fayetteville, AR, where they have a full time staff and medical care she needs to be safe and comfortable. Her expenses are covered by Medicaid, which only pays for the least expensive accommodations, in this case a shared room with only a bed. Since her arrival last summer, she has enjoyed a private room due to the fact that the facility was new and they let her have an unused private room with a recliner chair and a private bathroom. Now the facility is full and the facility is under pressure to place her in a shared room since they have a waiting list of persons willing to pay for a private room. The concern is that she can not have her recliner where she spends most her day. If she didn’t have it, she would have to stay in bed or sit in the uncomfortable wheel chair all day. The couches in the big room are too big for her, and most of them are “claimed” by others. The private room is much more expensive - $235 a day. Her Medicaid coverage, which varies and is adjusted by the government every six months, ranges between $165 and $185 a day. It currently pays $183.32. Which leaves $51.68 a day shortfall – for now, and on average over time, about $60 per day. That translates into $21,900 per year, or $1825 per month. Her Social Security covers $1000 of that, leaving an average balance of $825 per month shortfall, that we, her family, need to cover. Bottom line – we need to pass the virtual hat and collect at least $825 every month for Grandma for the duration of her life.

How to give:

It’s simple. Select a monthly pledge amount from the drop down menu above. Amounts start at $5 so everyone can help no matter what your budget constraints. Everyone can give up a Starbucks or a Big Mac to help Grandma. This is anonymous. So only you will know what amount you pledge to give faithfully each month. Then click the “Subscribe” button which will take you to PayPal. Then just follow the directions. This is an entirely secure transaction. You will need to sign up for a PayPal account. But it is quick and painless. (PayPal does take a transaction fee so for example a $50 pledge will net $48.25. But this is the only way we can get this done.) The money will be collected in a PayPal account and then transferred each month to an Arvest Bank account that is administered by Marti Munce from where payment will be made to Katherine’s Place. At the time of Grace’s passing, all accounts will be cancelled and all contributions will cease. We will periodically post the “total amount raised to date” on this page until we reach our goal of $825 a month in pledges.

We hope and trust that EVERYONE will help however they can.
THANK YOU all in advance for your love and support of Grandma Grace.

Thank you,
Jeff Millet

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